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About us

Our German company BIO Energy Holding offers the best cost effective German and Russian technologies in waste processing. Our mission is to offer the full range of services for solving the problems arising at our customers.

  • Consulting on waste handling
  • Several financial models for project realization, including credit, lease, as well as co-investing and full project financing
  • Design and installation of industrial units and facilities of all types
  • After-sales service made by Russian specialists
  • Design and building of waste processing plants and various systems for waste recycling by our German specialists
  • Program development for treating the solid household and industrial wastes in regions of Russia
  • Selling and purchasing of after-waste products
  • Close cooperation with government authorities to identify their needs
  • Project development in dumping ground management
  • Development of master plans for sanitation and cleaning services
  • Design of landfill gas collecting, disposal and recycling units
  • Supplies of specialized automotive materials and equipment for waste processing plants and sanitation machines
  • Determination of solid domestic waste morphological composition
  • Control and coordination of all export deliveries
  • Engineering surveys
  • Valve adjustment to RDF-fuel consumption in cement mills
  • Pre-commissioning procedures

Repair and consulting services are carried out in the territory of the maintenance service and onsite in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation on the terms previously agreed with the customer.
— The equipment purchased in our company is supplied with complete technical and service documentation, storage of spare parts and consumables, calibration accessories, gases for gas-analyzers calibration, control and measuring tools.
— There is a fleet of metalworking equipment for manufacture of nonstandard parts and accessories in the technical center territory.

equipment maintenance

We implement both installation and subsequent after-sale maintenance of the equipment sold by us. After installation we hold training on the equipment operation. Our technical specialists will come to you and will provide the necessary assistance.

If you want your equipment to be maintained by qualified personnel, we offer to conclude a user service equipment maintenance contract with us. Our company enables to conclude agreements of 2 types: with monthly (quarterly / semi-annual / annual) works or at the customer’s request.

These terms and conditions are negotiated and adjusted for each client individually. Necessary spare parts and consumables are always available at our stock to carry out these works. In their absence we make an immediate order and delivery.

Maintenance specialists provide quality installation, maintenance and repair of professional domestic and imported equipment for companies

Maintenance service offers the following range of services:


– installation and connection of equipment according to the connection requirements and standards
– Equipment adjustment and programming for operation according to the Customer’s wishes, equipment operation test in all modes of its operation; consulting on the equipment proper operation along with recommendations on its maintenance

installation supervision

– counseling and support for installation works carried out by the Customer;
– recommendations for equipment connection
– training of customer’s specialists to equipment operating rules
– verification onsite equipment compliance with connection requirements and standards


– equipment disconnection from all networks/communications

warrantly repair

Equipment warranty service is granted by the Maintenance Service on the basis of Delivery Contract subject to obligatory issuing of warranty certificates per each unit of equipment. Equipment warranty service includes:
– specialist on-site visit for fault diagnostics at the Customer’s request
– free of charge replacement of parts and units broken down during operation within the warranty period in case the repair is acknowledged as warranty by the Maintenance Service experts
– experts’ recommendations on correct operation of the equipment

post-warranty repair of the equipment

If there was a failure in equipment operation the warranty period of which had already expired, the Customer can always correct the trouble with the help of our Maintenance service. We are always glad to help even if the equipment was not purchased in our Company. Equipment repair includes:
– specialist on-site visit to diagnose the fault at the request
– replacement of parts and units broken down during operation;
– Equipment is repaired at the workshop of the Company Maintenance Service, equipment delivery to the workshop is implemented at the Customer’s request
– experts’ recommendations on correct operation of the equipment
– equipment location address;
– name and amount of equipment to be repaired;
– desirable time periods for the request implementation;


Technical maintenance (scheduled preventive maintenance) of the process equipment installed at the Customer’s site is a complex of measures aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment as well as minimizing the costs for its repair. Technical maintenance includes:

– a list of routine and scheduled maintenance works taking into account the performance schedules developed and agreed with the Customer;

less waste – less problems

Waste issue is one of the most important environmental issues of today that are faced by the mankind. Upon appearance of artificial materials, our wastes will be staying at waste deposits for hundreds of years poisoning the soil, water and air.

One hundred of maritime animals and a million of birds die annually from plastic.

The modern problem solving method is separate waste collection and management, but unfortunately, separate collection is almost unreal in many countries, so our technologies enable go without it. We are modern thinking people; we deserve to live in a clean and safe city. We offer the authorities to introduce a civilized waste management system with modern, proven German technologies available at our company.

BIO Energy Holdingpossesses advanced German waste management technologies enabling to process almost all types of waste. We are ready to build complexes recycling all types of waste at one place as well as willing to invest construction of waste recycling plants subject to compliance with certain conditions on the side of the state.

Waste collection and management system shall be based on the principle of maximum limitation of waste impact on the environment.

To achieve the aims the following priorities are necessary:

minimization of environmental pollution from illegal landfills

transparent data accounting as a basis for decision making on tariffs as well as other management decisions

maximum usage of valuable secondary resources

waste management, including municipal solid waste, in compliance with the applicable legislation

improvement of the population quality of life

«Implementation of our technologies enables to solve all main environmental issues»

Countries of the civilized West realized long ago that the surroundings need protection and global environmental problems must be solved. But now the understanding is supplemented with a financial incentive, recycling has become profitable.

So today it is uncontroversial that this market will be developing year by year. We hope that environmental issues of waste recycling will be gradually solved in all countries.



Our partner and official representative in Latin America DIALLD company. The company proposes solutions of environmental problems in the countries to Latin America, directly works with the governments of the countries. Works in the sluduyushchikh the countries as Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Dominican Republic and others.

Pyrum Innovations ESC GmbH

Pyrum Innovations ESC GmbH

Innovative German company engaged in development, construction and operation of the patented recycling technology, thermolysis. The company specializes in used tires, waste plastic and bitumen.

Over the years of our operation BIO Energy Holding has been constantly developing, modelling its commercial strategy. At the present time being at the growth stage our enterprise heads for further diversification of activity. Talking into account the current financial situation, liquidity crisis and other factors we try to generate the opportunities and potential of the Company in such a manner that upon the country recovery from economic recession we would have determined and put into operation the main vectors of strategic development leading to the bigger profitability of our customers’ projects.


According to statistics, 0.93 kilos of waste are generated today per one person throughout the world. In the year of 2025 every resident will generate 1.25 kilos of waste per day. Major cities generate much more waste per head than usual cities across the world. In 2015 every citizen of a major city produced in average 531 kilos of waste. As a comparison, annual ratio of household solid waste accumulation per one person makes 250 kilos (or 1 cubic meter), and in average throughout the world it makes 195 kilos.


Formation of safe and efficient production and consumption waste management system is as relevant today as ever. Engineering infrastructure is exhausted and does not cope with increased volumes. In accordance with the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service, over 400 enterprises on SMW sorting and disposal is operating in the country, total amount of landfills is 1092. Neither of regions moved to industrial disposal of waste.
Secondary resource market is ill-developed:
Only 4-5% of the total volume of generated SMW is involved into disposal. For example, 99% of waste is managed at waste recycling plants in Germany. Currently, waste management market is only forming in Russia.


The waste management industry in Russia is at the initial stage unlike European countries where, for example, in Germany the gap is completely filled. Our company offers modern, absolutely green German waste management technologies that are time proved. Different countries contribute to constriction of waste recycling plants through favorable rates that is why it is important to manage while they exist.

main sources of profitability

  • Recyclable materials sale
  • Energy sale
  • Waste-to-fuel sale
  • Waste disposal rate
  • Waste recycling rate

Currently our company is negotiating on construction of waste recycling plants in different countries and cities where our company is provided with favourble green and incentive tariffs ensuring attractiveness of a plant with a power station or a power station construction.

invest efficiently?

we have attractive offers!

This decade is the best for waste recycling market. If you cannot make money here today, it is better for you to be engaged in something else

Our values

BIO Energy Holding group of companies offers only new and the best at the market German technologies on all waste management, and as it is known Germany pays the greatest attention taking care of the environment. All technologies proposed by us are completely disposable and have closed cycles that enable to move beyond the landfilling.

From the very beginning our company was guided by the ideas of advanced and innovative technologies promotion that enable to make the world cleaner as well as turn wastes in hard cash with high profitability.
Over the years of our operation, we repeatedly assured that the most valuable resource is health both of an individual person and our planet in general. We regard it as a mandate to take care of it and as possible involve the greatest number of people. For this purpose we offer only the equipment that meet high European standards of ecological compatibility and security. Moreover, we carefully studied rules and regulations of legislations of different countries and regions, and we offer technologies that meet regional and trade standards of health care, environment protection and safety.

Individual solution complex

We draw attention to individual tasks unique for each country, region and specific company planning or engaged in waste business that are required to be solved within its professional operation. In this regard we have developed programs of individual cooperation and offer them to everyone addressing us in compliance with their needs and wishes.

understanding of customer needs

We took the rule of offering as much as needed as the main principal of our relations with our partners and customers.


We try to use all opportunities that can make our customers and suppliers happy.


If we cannot do anything, we don’t get down to it. Honesty is a formula for trust and it is impossible to build any long-term relations without trust.

attention to success of every partner

Only respecting every partner and being excited at every step forward, we create successful future together.

business development manager

Wage level: Payments under incentive system, salary + %

- well-bred speech;
- negotiating skills;
- treaty making;
- signed contract monitoring;
- teamwork skills;
- advanced computer and Internet user;
- education: higher;
- Russian citizenship.

- customer acquisition and customer base development;
- key customers management.

- office work, Moscow;
- business trips possible;
- working hours Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00;
- employment under the Labour Code of the Russian Federation

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