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Modular Containerized Power Plant





  1. Switchgear is provided with a set of operational blockings with application of electromagnetic locks.

  2. Arrangement of power of warning, heating, AUSC cells lightning circuit as well as power by guaranteed control current is executed by the Customer.

  3. Single-line diagram is displayed on the side of cells frontage.

  4. Cell No.3 is equipped with vacuum circuit breaker with remote switching and block Sirius.

  5. Cell No.3 or constructively another cell shall be provided with electricity counter.

  6. Auxiliary power transformer capacity is 63 kVA.




Correspondence of parameters and specifications of power plant to requirements of the present technical proposal;

Power plant reliable trouble-free operation subject to compliance with conditions and rules of transportation and storage, conservation and depreservation, assembling and operation prescribed for by the present technical solution, power plant operation manual and operational documentation for component parts;

Free of charge elimination of faults and failures as well as replacement of parts and assembly units broken within warranty period or guarantee life due to breakage or early wear consequent to application of poor-quality materials or substandard production.

Warranty period to the power plant makes 12 months since putting into operation and not less than 18 months since shipping;

Warranty to purchased component parts is established by state standards or their specifications;

Upon warranty periods expiration but within the limits of assigned recourse, the manufacture reserves responsibility over quality of power plant facilities. Supply of new parts and assembly units required to recover power plant working capacity is implemented by the manufacture at the expense of the customer under particular contract.


All metal parts of electrical facilities that can be under pressure due to isolation failure have electrical connection to the container.

For this purpose, expanding screws are provided for grounding connection as well as grounding signs. External grounding circuit is installed by the Customer in accordance with the power plant location project.

Power plant protection class rating is not less IP23.

The power plant and its main parts design provides protection of operating personnel from electric shock, injuries by rotating and flexible parts and from burn injuries form parts heated up to high temperature. Surface temperature that allows personnel touching during power plant maintenance shall not exceed ЗЗЗК (60°С).

The power plant stands three phase short circuit under protection in any load modes from 0 до 100% free of damage.


(built-in distribution cells)

Power plant is equipped with in-built high-voltage cells with:


high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker with voltage measuring transformer


cable inlet with voltage measuring transformer


auxiliary transformer

Electrical facilities provide commutation of power circuit and switching-off the generator in case circuit failure beyond the breaker; output of measuring voltage in synchronization circuit of the generation set control panel; connection of external power cables of the Customer.

Distribution gear relay protection provides required protection level of all connections. Configuration and specifications of electrical facilities correspond to the item electrical power supply project of the power plant.

Electrical energy technical management counter is installed on the generator control panel.

The power plant is equipped with microprocessor
control system and enables:

  • – operation in single, driven and driving modes;

  • – control over all power plant systems on stand-by to launch and notification on failures prohibiting start;

  • – heat medium automated temperature maintenance in stand-by to launch status in cold season;

  • – automated start and hook up into electrical network in case of circuit voltage loss and the plant shut down during its restoring (emergency energy source);

  • – automated start and hook up into common electrical network of the next power plant in case of their parallel connection subject to generated power shortage or under external command;

  • – automated shut down of the next power plant in case of their parallel connection subject to generated power shortage or under external command;

  • – automated start and shut down (normal and emergency) of prime engine subject to control signal form operator’s room during single operation or from leading power plant subject to parallel connection;

  • – engine rotation frequency automated regulation not lower than third accuracy class index under GOST10511, herewith inclination of regulatory specification in diesel cycle shall be within 0...4%;

  • – preset active and reactive power automated maintenance subject to networking;

  • – automated fuel flow control and generator voltage with compliance to requirements of active and reactive power distribution;

  • – cooling fluid and diesel oil temperature automated regulation both under operation with stand alone cooling and under utilization of process heat (option);

  • – automated emergency shut-down in case of failure preventing further operation;

  • – record and storage of preset parameters in short-term and long-term archives;

  • – capability to connect with of higher order;

The system enables dignified operational efficiency subject to minimum number of operating personnel; stable power plant operation under normal, emergency and post-emergency modes; power plant remote control, engines operation with capabilities of automated and computer-assisted transition from one fuel type to another.

The power plant is provided with required power circuit, diesel-generator and auxiliary equipment protection

Display of information into the object control system is provided by remote monitoring under digital channel (Ethernet access)

Power plant control system is provided with reservation with decrease of automation scope



Hot circuit cools the motor, cold inflating air and oil. Remote coolant unit with electrically driven ventilator(s) is applied as cooling device. Temperature control is implemented by switching on/off ventilators.

Apart from coolant unit, the system consists of electric-traced cooling liquid tank, manually-operated pump for pumping down/off liquid, expansion tanks, pipe lines, durites inside the plant and compensators outside the plant.




Motor air filter

Electrically-driven ventilators

Temperature controllers

Diesel generator set module is provided with supply-extract air-handling unit. Intake and exhaust opening are equipped with noise dampers

Air inlets and outlets with grids, shields and sound absorbent lining

Air valves with electric drive and и electric heating for climatic protection

lighting SYSTEM

  1. Containerized power plant is provided with working, emergency, maintenance and external one. Each entrance door is equipped with external lamp with LED lamp

  2. Power plant premises working lighting services with voltage of 220V is implemented form the power plant local distribution board.

  3. Emergency lighting is 12 V generated by accumulator batteries.

  1. Power plant lighting corresponds to lighting standsrds and makes min:

    • - 100 lux – in control places,
    • - 50 lux – in maintenance places,
    • - 10 lux – floor.
  2. Maintenance lighting is portable maintenance lamp to socket of 24V. Lighting of panels and boards in power plant cells where permanent personnel stay is not required, makes at least 20 lux.


DPS block module category of fire and explosion hazard is B. DPS block module premises are subject to automated aerosol firefighting equipment installation (AFFE).

AFFE performs the functions of fire alarm (FA) and fire warning system (WAS). To control unauthorized access to the DPS premises there is security alarm (SA).

AFFE, FA,WAS and SA systems signals are displayed to cable input junction box for connection of remote devices in the premises with presence of permanent attending personnel.

DPS premises are provided with emergency firefighting equipment.


It consists of the muffler, exhaust pipeline.

To compensate extension of exhaust pipeline, it is equipped with compensator consisting of two flanges, cover and bellow representing by steel channeled cylinder

Necessity and height of chimney stack are determined at the power plant design stage basing on constriction region ecological requirements


The power plant container is a noise-attenuating construction and lowers the noise level up to 85 dBA. In the exhaust system a muffler with active sound absorption is installed.


  • full metal welded main lifting body;
  • heat insulation of the main lifting body and the bottom in accordance with the maintenance conditions;
  • inner lining of the container body: walls are from sandwich panels, floor is from profiled metal sheet;
  • process-oriented and installation openings for the main equipment installation, exhaust and ventilation system assembling;
  • DG assembling/disassembling is made in the lift-off cover;
  • the body is integrated with supporting structures to fasten the motor-generator unit and auxiliary facilities, installation openings, doors, air valves, exhaust gas and air path and external utilities attachment units;
  • entrance doors (min. 1900x750 mm in the light) with finishers;
  • air valve paths are closed from outside with wings preventing damage to valves during transportation and storage and providing rain and snow protection;
  • external cables entry openings with seal units;
  • the container floor is made from steel checkered sheet. To discharge spilled liquid and condensate water the floor is provided with a discharge channel with overflows. On the outside the overflows are covered with prone-to-leaking corks;
  • bolt clamps for power plant grounding;
  • corrosion-resistant protective coating of inner and outer surfaces complies with IV class under GOST 9.032;
  • container unit doors are equipped with locking devices (the lock provides door opening from the inside without a key), resilient seals to decrease heat loss and increase particles confinement and moisture resistance;
  • the power plant equipment colouring under GOST 14202 excludes operating personnel’s fatigue;
  • paint coating thickness of external sheets is at least 80 um. All containers have a single colour range agreed with the Customer;
  • the container is divided by the wall with a door into two modules: service and control.


Fire resistance rating is III.

Structural fire hazard class is СО.

Engineering structure fire hazard class is КО.

Container category under explosion-fire and fire hazard is В.

Functional fire hazard class is F5.1

Container construction and capability enables power plant transportation by water (sea and river) transport, by road and rail.

Container is equipped with special devices providing firm fastening to load-carrying devices. The design enables firm attachment during transportation.


  1. System of air delivery,
    ventilation and heating

  2. Lighting system

  3. Firefighting system

  4. Management system

  5. Switching

  1. Microprocessor operation

  2. Power generating set

  3. Fuel supply system

  4. Oil supply system

  5. Cooling system

  6. Exhaust system

  7. Starting systemа


1 Engine designation - 12GD TCN 26/26
2 Type - 12 cylinder piston engine, four-stroke, V-shaped, with gas and turbocharging and cooling of air mixture
3 Generator designation - GSD-1650-1 OOO UHL2, 10500B TR16-2002 I BJK.528354.006TR
4 Type - synchronous, brushless
5 Mass of generator kg 9400


1 Nominal unit power capacity of the engine generator kW 1650
2 Maximum capacity during 1 h and accumulated operational time not exceeding 10% of the hours worked b the engine generator within the appointed resource before capital repair with break at least 4 hours between the modes of maximum capacity (overloads) kW 1815
3 Load acceptance by one throwing on kW 825
4 Minimum permissible constant load:
  • - if operating on diesel fuel
  • - if operating on crude oil

is not limited

5 Nominal rotation speed r/min 1000
6 Minimum stable rotation speed r/min 400
7 Main fuel - Oil GOST
R 51858-2002
8 Reserve: diesel
under ambient temperature 273 К (0°С) and higher under ambient temperature lower 73 К (0°С)
- L-0.2-62, L-0.5-62 GOST 305 3-0.2 minus 35, 3-0.5 minus 35 or 3-0.2 minus 45, 3-0.5 minus 45 GOST 305 three-phase alternating
9 Current type - three-phase
10 Rated current frequency Hz 50
11 Rated voltage kW 6.3
12 Inductive load rated power factor - 0.8
13 Neutral point connection - isolated
14 Degree of automation under GOST R 50783 - third
15 Parallel operation:
- with same-type engine generator and power plants and network
- automated
16 Fuel specific consumption in diesel and nominal capacity mode under fuel specific heat 42700 kJ/kg not exceeding kW/h 222+11 (224+12)
17 Type of engine oil M-14DCL20 GOST 12337 of home manufacture; Mobilgard 412 foreign manufacture (by Exxon Mobil)
18 Oil consumption per hour per loss of one EA in nominal capacity mode not exceeding kg/h 1.73
19 Oil change in the engine generator if operating:
  • - on diesel fuel
  • - on crude oil
Oil change in the engine generator under laboratory analysis under if operating:
  • - on diesel fuel
  • - on crude oil





20 Replacement oil volume per one engine generator l 1000
21 Type of cooling fluid
  • - under temperature not less than 281 К (8°С)
  • - under low temperatures as well as year-round
condensate water, distillate product and etc. TOSOL COOLING AGENT-TS TR2422-006-36732629
22 Cooling system capacity (including coolant unit) l 250(600)
23 Filling the hot circuit system for heating OTF DS (filled by 1 engine) l ≈ 500
24 Volume of changed cooling fluid of the power plant per 2 years or 10000 hours operation l 600+500=1100
25 Coolant type - air cooler unit externally mounted
26 Water for wash of wheelspace of the turbine of the turbocompressor* l 40 in 50h of operation
27 Starting system - Pneumatic 4...1.5 mPa
28 Minimum temperature of oil and cooling fluid upon start К (˚С) 281 (8)
29 Maximum permissible noise level not exceeding dB(A), 85dB(A) ± 1 %, if measured over a distance of 1 m from protective structures of the source, GOST 12.1.003-83
30 Supply voltage of the power plant auxiliaries V 400 / 230
31 Aggregate capacity of auxiliaries, not exceeding:
  • - at rest;
  • - during power plant operation;



32 Duration of continuous no-load operation, not exceeding:
  • - at nominal speed;
  • - at minimum stable speed



33 Assigned resource before treatment:
  • - diesel fuel;
  • - crude oil



34 Assigned resource before overhaul repair h 90000
35 Dimensions of diesel generator mm 6300х1960х 3120
36 Service life before write-off years 25
37 Mass of diesel generator kg 28250
38 Dimensions of (shipping) container, LxWxH mm 12192х3200х3574
39 Mass of the power plant container kg 46000



Under no-load conditions the power plant provides the possibility to launch non-loaded asynchronous short-circuited motor with a capacity not exceeding 30% of the nominal capacity of the power plant and with in-rush starting current with frequency up to 7 of nominal value.


The power plant is equipped with electric heating devices maintaining the temperature of heat transfer medium under non-working engine-generator within the set limits under ambient air temperature up to minus 60°С with charged systems if external source of power supply is present. Warm-up time, including no load operation of primary motor providing 100% load acceptance is not more than 60 minutes.


The power plant is resistant to external mechanical impacts during operation and transportation.


The power plant enables assembling and disassembling of power generating set with the use of the crane through the lift-off cover


Proposal for engineering, production, construction, assembling and commissioning works of the power plant is formed on the basis of technical requirement of the Customer and experience

in construction of counterpart power plants in different regions of the Russian Federation. The power plant is designated for electric power supply to the Customer’s consumers.

The fuel for the power plant is crude oil (applicability of the fuel shall be agreed by the Customer with the engine manufacture). Power plant operation is basic in autonomous mode. Technical solutions can be changed and amended at the stage of design and engineering documentation execution.

The present technical proposal is designed for information and determination of the preliminary price for the services rendered to the Customer and cannot be presented as a specification or as a part of the design documentation.


Two containerized power plants are used as main equipment.

Replenishment of the supply tank with diesel fuel is implemented by standard electric pump from diesel fuel storage tank under level transmitter alarms.

To prevent carbonizing of the turbine wheelspace of the turbocompressor by incomplete combustion products of fuel the engine generator is equipped with turbine wash device. The wash is implemented by the water prepared in the 1 time per 50 hours of work (if there is a boiler-house, chemically prepared water is admitted).

The starting system of engine-generators is pneumatic cylinder. Each engine is equipped with starting compressor and two compressed-air bottles with automated pressure maintenance in the bottle providing at least 6 starts as well as wash of the turbine of the turbocompressor and blowing of the automatically cleaned filter.

Diesel fuel is used as pilot oil upon start and shut down.

Management of power plant engine-generator, auxiliary engineering systems and facilities is implemented by its automated control system (ACS) and automated process control system (APCS).
APCS of the power plant provides power plant management: start, shut down, operation mode, automated and manual transition from one type of fuel to another and etc., as well as control over operation of separate systems of power.

In terms of design, the power plant is containerized that allows implementing assembling and commissioning works of the main equipment under the factory environment.
This reduces the time limits for construction of the plant and provides high quality supported by quality system ISO 9001. The main manufacturing equipment and systems, apart from coolant unit and exhaust pipe with damper are placed in tanks


Supply of

Supply of

Supply of
water for
distillatory auxiliaries

Power supply of plant auxiliaries by alternating current and voltage 380/220 standby

Provision of necessary oil and antifreeze supply


A unit of main manufacturing equipment
including containerized power plant
completed with all necessary equipment
providing start, uninterrupted operation and
power output to the Customer’s consumers

Automated process control system
of the power plant


A suit of assembling parts

A package of maintenance documentation in the
Russian language