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International practical conference Global forum IPLA-RUSSIA

Global Forum IPLA-2015 was for the first time held in Russian Federation, Moscow, on October 6-8, 2015. IPLA is International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities which nowadays unites over 240 organizations and municipalities from 72 countries.

The Global Forum was attended by the international experts such as IPLA members in the field of waste processing and environmental activities from 50 countries of the world, member of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies, representatives of relevant state and local ministries and branches, city and region managers of Russia, scientists engaged in research and training of specialists of ecological direction, representatives of Russian and international conservation and environmental institutions, representatives of private business in the field of environmental protection, public organizations, state and local mass media.

Plenary sessions, conferences, round tables and thematic meetings were held within the frameworks of the Global Forum IPLA-2015. BIO Energy Holding was actively involved in the following discussions

Forum Tasks and Objectives:

Joining efforts and opportunities of state and municipal authorities, business communities, scientific communities and the public interested in formation of a modern waste disposal system in the Russian Federation and other countries of EEU;
Consensus-building on ecological issues between federal and regional authorities, local authorities, business and the public aimed at creation of favourable conditions for realization of innovation projects in the sphere of waste management on the basis of state and private partnership and development of waste disposal industry in Russia and other countries of the Customs Union.
Elaboration of decisions and formulation of approaches to minimize landfilling following the international experience, formation of a resource efficient nation, in particular, through maximal extraction of secondary resources from wastes for their later use
Creation of permanent expert platform IPLA – RUSSIA in Russia aimed at information and experience share in the sphere of environmental activities as well as support of business community in the field of waste treatment.
Creation of expert and coordination council and International (national) waste management center on the basis of expert platform IPLA – RUSSIA, formation and development of waste disposal industry infrastructure in Russia and other countries of the Customs Union
Manifestation of several initiatives in the field of waste management, creation and development of waste disposal industry in Russia and other countries of the Customs Union

Global Forum IPLA-2015 held at the end of the first year of the provisions realization of Law 458-FZ which amends the Federal Law On Production and Consumption Wastes shall be a starting point for joining efforts of all people interested in real improvement of the ecological situation in the territory of the Russian Federation. Opportunities of the most representative international and Russian professional expert community will be engaged into the problem solving and that happens for the first time in our country.